Meet the 4Geeks Style

Hey! 4Geeks is a global Product Engineering and Data-Driven Growth Marketing company, focused on 10x ROI for startups, small and mid-size companies around the world.

On 2012, Allan Porras (CEO) and Kristhel Alvarado (COO) founded 4Geeks to help out companies to boost its digital presence through smart products. From day 1 they started working 100% from home, connecting with entrepreneur and sharing valued content about software development, product management and more. 

Today, 4Geeks has offices in the United States, Mexico and Costa Rica. More than 17 team members… and growing. 4Geeks is a premium engineering and top-talent team, passionate for continuous learning in a fun, challenging and familiar environment. There is no room on our team for disrespect or discrimination of any kind.  Watch behind the scenes on Instagram stories.

4Geeks serves global companies in industries like E-Commerce & Retail, Healthtech, Banking & Fintech, Startups & SaaS, Marketing, Real Estates, etc.

How to be part of the family

Process step by step

1. Submit your application.

2. Quick call with our Talent Expert to know you better.

3. Send the video and your resume with the asked format.

4. Wait 24h for your information to be cheacked.

5. We have a possible match.

6. Lets set an interview.

7. Negotiate and take decisions.

Internship Program

A great place to learn

The company may fail. The product may fail. But the team cannot fail.

Allan Porras
CEO, 4Geeks