Jr. Drupal Developer

Job description

Your role would be to provide support to a senior solutions architect. You will investigate application level issues, create PoCs (AKA Proof of Concepts) for possible future development (e.g. integrations, administration workflows etc.) and creating local instances of existing Drupal sites running on virtualized environments (e.g. DDev, Docker, etc).


  • Translate pseudo code and other notes into code to validate potential fixes/enhancements and demonstrate interactive experiences.
  • Use Drush and Git to locally deploy LAMP sites, mostly Drupal, with a variety of different server packages and versions; being able to spin up the correct virtual environment configuration will be key


Client is in pharmaceutic industry.

Benefits & Perks: 

  • Flexible Vacation Policy
  • Full Health Benefits
  • Flexible Time
  • Work from Home
  • Retirement Plans
  • Beer Friday
  • Training Meetups
  • Career Development Plan
  • Leadership Boost
  • Local universities discounts


  • Strong understanding of the Drupal API (7 & 8), PHP and MySQL.
  • Experience with extending and creating Drupal installation profiles, themes and custom modules including install files and deploying configuration through code.
  • Proficiency in using Composer to manage libraries and patches.
  • Strong command of GIT, including pull requests, forking and merge conflict resolution.
  • Knowledgeable in Google Performance Fundamentals (https://developers.google.com/web/fundamentals/performance/why-performance-matters/) and the Lighthouse performance audit tool.
  • Experience with using breakpoints, fallback and detection of support and graceful degradation strategies.
  • Ability to surmise the information gained through an investigation or PoC into a clear legible document as fits the data (charts, tables, bulleted list etc.).
  • A Drupal.org user account and experience in using and submitting issues and patches.
  • Understanding of Architectural/design review.
  • Knowledge of integration with third party systems (such as Mulesoft) as necessary.
  • Complete deployment process review.
  • Review design quality for ease of CMS editing, performance etc.
  • Ensure modules are reusable and packaged accordingly
  • Provide reusable design patterns as applicable.
  • Share Drupal Best Practices / Lunch & Learns.
  • Maintain solution architecture documentation